Articles (alphabetical)

*SAWI-ZAA by Smith, Robert F.
"Higher Things" - Teotihuacan: City of the Birth of the Gods by Peterson, Daniel C. and William J. Hamblin
2 separate Quetzalcoatls by Brewerton, Ted E.
A History of Book of Mormon Studies by Magleby, Kirk and Welch, John W.
An Ancient Mesoamerican Document by Christensen, Douglas K.
Ancient Histories and the Mulekite Landing by Miner, Alan C. and Magleby, Kirk
Ancient Metal Plates by Johnson, Daniel
Another Idea for Nephi’s Ship by Carr, Stephen L.
Anti-Nephi-Lehies, the Miracle Lamanites by Christensen, Douglas K. and Livingston, Tyler
Asking New Questions about the Mesoamerican Pre-Classic by Joyce, Rosemary A., Grove David C.
Authors' Guidelines by Stoddard Ted Dee
Baptism at the Waters of Mormon by Norman, V. Garth and Miner, Alan C
Basic Methodological Problems by Hamblin, William
Bearded Foreigners in America by Norman, V. Garth
Book of Mormon and DNA Studies by De Groote, Michael
Book of Mormon Resources by Magleby, Kirk
Book of Mormon Trifecta by Magleby, Kirk
Burned With Fire by Stoddard, Ted Dee
Changes in the Book of Mormon by Christensen, Douglas K.
Changes in The Book of Mormon by Skousen, Royal
Chiamus in Mayan Texts by Christenson, Allen J.
Chiasmus in Mayan Texts by Christenson, Allen J.
Chiasmus in Mayan Texts by Christenson, Alan J.
Comments on Michael Ash Article by Norman, V. Garth
Daniel Johnson Biography by Johnson, Daniel (biography)
Darkness through the entire continent by Calderwood, David G.
DNA and the Book of Mormon by Stewart Jr., David G.
DNA Summary by Livingston, Tyler
Dragons in the Book of Mormon by Wirth, Diane E.
Eight Major Features of Book of Mormon Geography by Smith, Revell, Jones and Quinn
Faith and Forgeries by Gardner, Brant A.
From the East to the West Sea by Stoddard, Ted Dee
Garth Norman's Map by Norman, V Garth, Pratt, John P.
Geology and the Book of Mormon by Livingston, Tyler
Geology of the Book of Mormon by Grover, Jerry D. ,
Girded about with a Lambskin by Brown, Matthew B.
Glass in The Book of Mormon by Cheney, Mark
Heartlanders 2013 by BMAF Staff
Hebrew Names in the Book of Mormon by Tvedtnes, John A.
Hernando Cortez by Williams, Dennis O.
Highways in the Book of Mormon by Tvedtnes, John A.
Hill Cumorah Soils Test by BMAF Staff
Horses in the Book of Mormon by Miner, Alan C.
How to Find Accuracy by Hauck, F. Richard
Indigenous Horses by Johnson, Daniel
IXTLILXOCHITL - QUETZALCOATL - JESUS CHRIST by Hunter, Milton R. and Ferguson, Thomas Stuart
Jaredites & Serpents by Warren, Bruce W.
Jaredites and Olmec - the same? by Christensen, Douglas K.
John L. Sorenson’s Complete Legacy: Reviewing Mormon’s Codex by Gardner, Brant A. and Wright, Mark Alan
John W. Welch Resources by Welch, John W.
Kaqchikel Chronicles by Magleby, Kirk
Keeping Christ in Xmas by Heater, Shirley
Kinderhook Plates a hoax by Kimball, Stanley B.
Lago-De-Izabal by Norman, V. Garth
Language Conjunctions by Kelley, David
Lehi's Landing Place by Allen, Joseph L.
MAKE PLAIN THE OLD PATHS by Williams, Clyde J.
Mapping Book of Mormon Geography 101 by Poulsen, Lawrence L.
Mapping Zarahemlas by Rappleye, Neal
Mesoamerican Speech Scrolls by Wirth, Diane E.
Metal Weapons and Tools by Johnson, Daniel
Mission Impossible by Nibley, Hugh
Mormon's Codex by Sorenson, John L.
Moroni's 36 year trek to New York by Christensen, Douglas K.
Names and Maya Glyphs by Johnson, Daniel
nephite literacy by Gardner, Brant A.
Nine Moons by Allen, Joseph L.
Oxen in the New World by Tvedtnes, John A.
Paradise Themes-A Hypothesis by Wirth, Diane E.
PLATES OF GOLD by Johnson, Daniel
Popol Vuh and the Tree of Life by Norman, V. Garth
Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Travel by Smith, T. Michael
Proposed Nephite Calendar by Pratt, John P.
Reformed Egyptian by Lindsay, Jeff
Review of Resurrecting Cumorah by Ed Goble by Carr, Stephen L and Christensen, Douglas K
Round Table Discussion 2003 by V. Garth Norman, F. Richard Hauck and Joseph L. Allen
SALAMA CUENCA by Hauck, F. Richard
SERPENT SYMBOLISM by Brewerton, Ted E.
Smithsonian Statement by Sorenson, John L.
Some Book of Mormon “Hits” by Tvedtnes, John A.
State Level Society by Magleby, Kirk
Stela 31 from Tikal by Williams. Ryan
Stela 31 from Tikal by Wiliams, Ryan
The Book of Mormon as a Mesoamerican Record by Parry, Donald W., Peterson, Daniel C. and Welch, John W.
The Cultural Context of Nephite Apostasy by Wright, Mark Alan Gardner, Brant A.
The Dangers of Gospel Hobbies by Barkdull, Larry
The Geography of the Jaredites by Andersen, Joe V.
The Hill Cumorah (Hill Ramah) by Allen, Joseph L.
The Hill Riplah by Magleby, Kirk
The Importance of Locating the Jaredites by Stoddard, Ted Dee and Christensen, Doug
The Land of Nephi by Tvedtnes, John A.
The Light Is Better Over Here by Poulsen, Lawrence L.
The Mesoamerican Model by Hauck, F. Richard
The Mouth of Hell by Wirth, Diane E.
The Mulekites And The Phonecian Connection by Christensen, Douglas K.
The Power of Context: by Gardner, Brant A.
THE SACRED HONEY BEE by Christensen, Douglas K.
THE TWO CUMORAHS by Woolley, Edwin M.
The “Heartland Model”: The Rest of the Story by Andersen, Joe V. and Stoddard, Ted Dee
Think Ancient by Swingler, David
Three Days of Darkness by Tvedtnes, John A.
THROWING ARROWS? by Cheney, Mark F.
TRANS OCEANIC MIGRATION by Rotheryh, Capt. Richard
Tulan by Woolley, Edwin M.
What's in a name? by Gray, David
Who Are the Lamanites? by Allen, Joseph L.
Whom Did Mormon and Moroni "Minister" To? by Ainsworth, Jerry L. and Miner, Alan C.
Why the Oxford English Dictionary by Carmack, Stanford
Zarahemla Revisited: Neville’s Newest Novel by Roper, Matthew; Fields, Paul; Bassist, Larry
Zelph, the White Lamanite by Ash, Michael